First impressions matter when competing for the job you want. Recruiters spend less than 6 seconds deciding whether your resume or CV is worth a second look.


Whether it's a mind-blowing web portfolio or a professional PDF, every template is carefully crafted to get you from application to interview.


In today's competitive market, customization is key. Easily manage and personalize your application


We give plenty of help on how to avoid the common pitfalls found in many CVs such as poor layouts, inappropriate language or simply writing too much

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Creating a resume that accurately represents who you are, what you’ve done and in a way that is tailored to the role you're aspiring to, is one of the biggest challenges for professionals


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What matters at FreedomFlo is getting the job done. It’s less about where or when you do your work, and more about its quality. We also recognize that greatness can come from anyone. I experienced this firsthand as an advisor. I saw an opportunity to improve the lives of others, so I ran with it and made positive change. I feel lucky to work in an environment that values my expertise, and you will too.

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